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Whether you’re looking for new system installations or repairs, you won’t find a more professional Gutter Contractor than Benchmark Gutters. We assist Merced County area homeowners with a broad range of affordable gutter solutions. 

From a better selection of leaf guards to seamless gutters with all types of styles and sizes, we can help you with any products or professional advice that you need. 

Contact us for the reliable choice for gutter installers in Merced County that residents trust every day.

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Home Gutter Services Overview


We’ll build gutters from scratch and ensure they look appealing on your new home. We’ll discuss the best type of gutter for your home because we believe you need a lasting solution. Schedule your appointment today for gutter installation!


Our gutter cleaning services start with an inspection by our team as we identify any related problems and give you an estimate. After the cleaning, we can add gutter guards to help prevent gutter issues in the future. Additionally, during the gutter cleaning process, we’ll identify and inform you of any parts that may need special care or repair. Other services we offer include gutter repairs and gutter maintenance, among others.


Gutter guards will help prevent leaves and debris from clogging up your gutter saving further maintenance. We can install gutter screens at the same time as new installation or install them on existing gutters as well.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters

The problem with one-size-fits-all rain gutters is that homes get built using any number of dimensions. Not to mention that older systems relied on cheap separated tracks, leaving your roof more vulnerable to issues. Seamless gutters, however, get developed from a continuous roll of sheet metal that gets custom formed at the site. Once we measure the exterior of your home, we create a seamless system that lasts.

Seamless rain gutters often require less maintenance and fewer repairs and having one solid piece reduces the risks of issues from forming. You’ll enjoy more efficient drains that fit your home perfect for the best daily drainage needs.

When you need to avoid more of the annoyances that homeowners in the past dealt with, then you need us providing you with the best selection of seamless gutters. Call us today to schedule us and receive the best system possible for your house.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

One of the most frustrating chores facing more area homeowners is having to clean their rain gutters out. As the year goes on, you find more leaves, sticks, bird nests, and other items you would rather than not find.

As a result, you’re spending hours every Saturday up on a ladder, struggling to scrape them out. After a few close calls of almost falling off, you wish that there was a better way.

When you hire us for your gutter cleaning needs, we quickly remove any obstruction fast. We use industrial-strength vacuuming tools that can draw out more debris, and we finish with a pressure washer to blast any remaining items away.

We leave your gutters spotless every time, saving you more of your weekend and plenty of headaches. When you need the simple way of cleaning your gutters, look no further than our team.

Leaf Guard Gutters

Leaf Guard Gutters

You spend an entire day vacuuming, blasting, and scraping leaves out of your gutters. And as soon as you finish, you see a strong breeze drop dozens more down into your pristine tracks.

Week after week of rickety ladders and back-breaking chores are enough to make you want to cut down every tree in your yard. However, with the best selection of gutter guards that Merced County residents can depend on, we provide a better way to keep gutters free from debris.

When you have gutter guards installed by our experienced technicians, it means enjoying fewer cleanings and fewer messes. We offer a variety of trusted accessories that help make your home remain clear from debris.

If you need a practical way of keeping more leaves away, then contact us to learn more about our guards. You’ll be amazed at how much we prevent from landing in your tracks.

Leaf-Free Gutter Systems

Leaf-Free Gutter Systems

While leaf guards remain effective, they may not always prevent as many leaves and obstructions from forming as you had hoped. In areas with dense tree coverage and increased plant materials, you may find that you need a better source of defense.

We offer the trusted solution for leaf protection gutters. Merced County homeowners love the easier cleanings. Unlike traditional leaf guards, our advanced protection system utilizes an enclosed helmet that allows rain to pass through while blocking out everything else.

Once installed, you’ll enjoy maintenance-free gutters throughout all four systems, and you’ll only need periodic light cleaning to keep it clear. Once you remove the light lingering dust and debris every so often, they remain cleaner daily.

Seamless gutters installed by a professional crew in the Central Valley of California.